Cougar Hunting Made Easy

For the purposes of this article I'm going to assume that you're in the cougar hunting game because you want a sexual relationship with an aggressive, beautiful older woman blessed with the kind of sexual experience and knowledge that can make sex a religious experience beyond anything you've ever known. If you want a long term relationship with a mature woman that's a different article. This is about mature sex dating with the cougar hotties that want your body.

By her very nature the cougar is an aggressive creature. This particular brand of mature woman earned the name because she's always on the hunt for a younger man to satisfy her many needs (you can read about understanding the mind and needs of a mature woman that loves younger man in a separate article on the site). That actually makes your job a whole lot easier since you just have to be in the right place at the right time to impress the sexy huntress and have the mature sex that you crave.

Of course, if it was that easy everyone would be doing it. When you sign up for a mature sex dating site you need to carefully construct your profile to show that you're the right man for a cougar to bring into her life. That's your version of cougar hunting. The picture is important and should show that you're in good shape (if you're not you probably won't land a cougar; you can still have mature sex but it will be with a woman that falls outside the cougar realm). Your face should be included as well. Shirtless isn't always a good choice, even if you have a six pack, since it can make you look like an overconfident or even arrogant d-bag.

In your profile's write up you need to emphasize how beautiful, attractive, and irresistible you think mature women are. If a cougar comes upon your writing you want her to know before she even contacts you that you're going to worship her, essentially. Most cougars are in the market for a younger man because they want to feel desirable and sexy in a way they haven't in years and the sooner you establish that as a truth of the relationship between you two the more likely you are to get her in bed.

Since most mature sex dating sites feature a pretty high male to female ratio you'll probably have to message the mature women instead of letting them come to you. Your best bet is to compliment something specific about her (something you read in the profile or a detail you noticed in the picture; not broad stuff that will make it seem like you're sending a form letter you send to everyone), make it clear you're really into older women and particularly her, and ask if she's interested in talking more. Throughout your communication keep the flattery high on the your desire obvious and you'll soon find yourself between the legs of a mature woman having the best sex of your life.

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