How To Find A Sugar Mamma

It's safe to say that just about everyone in the world is familiar with the concept of a sugar daddy. An older man dates a younger woman, largely for the sex, and in exchange for access to her body he showers her with gifts, perhaps pays her rent, etc. Sometimes that turns into marriage, in which case the girl is typically termed a gold digger. Both parties benefit though! It's far rarer but if you work hard enough and look long enough you can find a sugar mamma, the female equivalent of the sugar daddy.

Finding a sugar momma is not nearly as easy as dating mature women and cougars and having hot mature sex. Sadly, it's also not something every guy is even capable of. In general the number one quality you need to have when looking for a sugar mamma is hotness. These ladies aren't going to shell out to support you unless you provide them with near physical perfection (in terms of your body, so you better get to the gym) and a handsome face at the very least. Some will only be sugar mammas to the hottest of guys and you can't blame them. If the wallet's coming open then it's going to be for a guy that's worth it.

You'll also need to be an ace in bed. A sugar mamma isn't typically interested in teaching you how to be a good lover, although she will teach you how to meet her specific desires so you absolutely need to go into the sexual portion of the relationship with an open mind. Typically a sugar mamma is looking for a man with a submissive personality so she can be the one in charge, although that doesn't mean she's looking for a doormat to walk all over. She doesn't want to fight you on restaurants for dinner, movie choices, TV watching, etc. She wants you to be happy but she's not going to subjugate her needs for yours and she might not compromise like she would if you were married or you were the one paying the bills.

As long as you have the hot body and the right mindset for pleasing a sugar mamma you can move forward with your plan to snag one. If you're looking online the pickings are pretty slim. There are a few sites geared towards successful women looking for boy toys and those are your best bet. A typical mature sex dating site isn't likely to have lots of ladies in that realm so those might not be good choices.

In the real world you can go to social hangouts where older, typically divorced women will be. I'm talking about country clubs and the like where these ladies that have a big settlement from their rich husbands like to spend the day and often pick up on guys (it doesn't have to be a country club; anywhere rich women hang out will do). You can be the guy she decides to have a fling with to wash away the bad taste of her scumbag hubby and you won't believe how good the sex is.

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