Pros & Cons To Dating An Older Woman

Let's talk about the beauty and the ugly side of dating and sleeping with mature women. There are pros and cons to every kind of relationship and it's worth pointing out a few to help inform your decision on mature sex. First up we have the cons.

Don't fuck crazy is good advice that some guys just won't listen to. The problem is that sex with crazy women (I'm using the term generally to mean women with moderate to severe emotional issues) is out of this world so it's always attractive. However, it almost never ends well. This applies to mature women because if a woman is in her 40s, single, and on the hunt for younger men chances are good she's got emotional issues. They might be lifelong issues, leftovers from a previous relationship, or something else entirely. Be on the lookout though.

Sex with mature women can also open you to some seriously nasty judgments from family and friends. If it's just a casual thing no one really has to know but if it gets at all serious be prepared to deal with genuinely surprising anger. The broad societal take on older women dating younger men is that something is decidedly wrong with it and that can blow up in your face if it's the road you choose to go down. I promise that no matter how understanding you think people will be that you'll be surprised at how nasty and awful they are. The last con is a minor one. A significant number of mature women dating younger men do so because they want control of the relationship. If you're used to being the one in control that can be difficult. My advice is to get over it.

I say you should get over it because of the biggest positive of dating mature women: the sex is mind blowing. When cougars go on the hunt for younger men they almost always do it for the sex. Whether she's fresh off a divorce or a bad breakup with an older guy or she's been single her whole life and is really into sex with younger guys you come out the winner because you get to experience mind blowing mature sex.

You'll also likely get to avoid all the insecurities of a younger woman and the endless bullshit that comes with that. Mature women have largely accepted how they look and if they're on the hunt for younger men they're confident enough to think they can land one. You should still tell her she's beautiful all the time (that never hurts) and make her feel sexy, but she's unlikely to be as needy as a younger woman in that department, which is such a relief. Older women are also often financially independent, particularly if they just divorced a well to do husband, so you might end up in a relationship where you don't have to pay nearly as often. That means great sex, saving money, and not having to deal with annoying neediness. That sounds like a major win.

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