Rules For Dating A Married Woman

Some people would judge you harshly for wanting to sleep with and date a married woman but you won't find any of that here. Instead we celebrate your decision because we know that a woman straying from her marriage is likely to give you the best sex of your life. Studies have actually been done on this topic and the data collected from these women largely says that they very much desire to try new things and get wild in bed as a way of punishing their husband without him knowing it. They also love that they suddenly feel desirable and sexy for the first time in a long time and you're responsible for that, which means you reap all sorts of rewards and benefits.

There are a few rules you should follow when dating and/or sleeping with a married woman. First among those rules is you should never allow the relationship to get so serious that she leaves her husband for you. It might seem like the best thing you've ever had but it's built on a falsehood. When affairs turn into full blown relationships that destroy marriages they almost never work out because as soon as she's out of her marriage so much of the heat that was between you two is gone. The heat in a cheating relationship is based on the fact that you're cheating.

She's sneaking around and going back to her husband having been satisfied by another man without him knowing. There's guilt associated with that but it's also exciting and naughty and that drives the passion through the roof, particularly if you're getting hotel rooms and having secret rendezvous. As soon as she leaves her husband all of that energy dissipates and you might discover that there's nothing left. Also, it's worth considering that a woman you meet by cheating is not the sort of woman you want a long term committed relationship with. That being said, a sexual relationship with a married woman is pure bliss as long as you manage it well.

There are a few other rules to consider for a fruitful sexual relationship. Try your best not to go to her house. That ups the chances of getting caught considerably. I know it can be awfully hot and naughty to fuck a married woman in her marital bed but you're playing with fire and that's the exact situation where seriously bad stuff can happen (husband comes home and finds you and flies into a fit of rage and genuinely hurts you, for instance).

If she has kids make sure they never meet you; that's just not fair (in fact, if she has kids you might consider moving to the next woman since a discovered affair and the subsequent fighting between the couple can really mess kids up). If you're staying at hotels make sure you pay cash or you use a credit card and she pays you back if you're splitting the cost. If anything pops up on her credit card bill you're much more likely to be discovered. Weekend trips with your married girlfriend or sex buddy are fun but should be infrequent as they greatly increase the chance of getting caught. The truth is you largely need to be concerned about not getting caught because an affair with a married woman should always be all about the sex and as long as you keep it that way you'll have a great time.

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