Seducing an older woman

Not all older women are the cougar type that hits the bars and clubs and lounges looking for young men to lure into her bedroom for a night of passion. Some mature women want and need to be seduced. If you understand why they have that need then you can better execute your seduction and make the path to a night of passion or a relationship filled with it a much easier task.

When she wants to be seduced into mature sex it's most often because she craves that feeling of being desired. Perhaps she's just gotten out of a bad marriage or she's decided to feel young and fun and free again. Either way she wants to know that she's attractive to a younger man that could just as easily sleep with someone twenty years her junior. She could try and pick you up and have good sex but to be seduced creates a much more emotionally satisfying environment for this type of mature woman and that's a big part of what makes the whole experience thrilling for her.

With that in mind you should always make your first move a compliment. Wherever you are you're going to need an opener with the mature woman of your dreams. Look her over and pick out something unique to her that you can comment on. Don't just say she's beautiful; it's too generic. If you're really skilled you'll notice what she finds most attractive about herself and compliment that. Typically a woman dresses to show off what she likes best about her body so learn how to spot that and your mature seduction will start with a bang.

After your successful opener you can start a conversation so you better be armed with charm. Maturity is exceptionally important. The mature woman you're hitting on is looking for a younger man but she doesn't want an immature man. She's not interested in you acting like a child in any way so clamp down on that. Instead act like a mature adult with youthful vigor. Project confidence and happiness and the kind of energy that young people are often filled with. Also, don't be an idiot. If you're dumb as a post then start reading the newspaper or intelligent websites so you can hold a conversation on a variety of topics, not just the latest box score of your favorite baseball team or the last club you and your friends went to.

Even if you're just looking for quick mature sex you should strive to be the kind of guy she wouldn't mind introducing to her friends despite how young you are. That likely won't happen but if she's going to be as comfortable with you as she needs to be to jump into bed with you then she needs to know she wouldn't be ashamed to do it. Look good, be smart, be charming, and make sure that at all times she knows that you think she's gorgeous, sexy, and everything you want in a woman.

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