Tips & Pointers For Pleasing A Mature Woman

By and large when a mature woman puts a profile on a mature sex dating site then she's in the mood for a fuck. She might want to date as well but she's not paying for the adult hookup site because she wants a husband; she wants you to show her a good time. For the most part pleasing a mature woman is pretty similar to pleasing a young woman but there are a few differences you should know about that will go a long way towards make you among the finest lovers she's ever had, which will in turn ensure a whole lot more sex for you.

More than anything you need to remember that she wants to be with a younger man so she can feel sexy and desired in a way that she hasn't for years because her ex-husband was bad in bed or uninterested, because he still is if she's married, or because she just hasn't tapped the great resource that is the sexual insatiability of younger men. How do you make this wonderful mature woman feel sexy? It's your desire for her that will do so and it's really that simple. Your task is to make the desire obvious in as many ways as possible. Tell her she's beautiful and sexy and do it in a sincere way. Compliment something specific about her (I love your breasts, your eyes are so beautiful, etc) and she'll know you've thought about it and you're being genuine.

The beautiful thing about mature women looking for younger men is that once you've made them feel desirable (which in turn makes them feel sexy) so much of your work is already done. When it comes to the actual sexual pleasure almost every woman you get involved with will be more than happy to direct you in how to make her cum, whether that means using your mouth or fingers in a particular way, thrusting into her in a certain rhythm, or having sex in her favorite position that allows her the most pleasure.

If you're not already comfortable with going down on a woman you should familiarize yourself with it. Your young lovers might be okay with letting you skip that step but a mature woman is far more likely to be confident in her desires and essentially make you get down there and lick. The same is true of foreplay. If you want to kiss a little and slip it inside you need to reconfigure your thinking because mature women want more than that. They want the sex to feel connected and fantastic and to last a little while because the build-up is just as fun as the penetration. After you've cum once it wouldn't hurt to get ready to go again and see if your new mature sex partner wants to. Nothing will make her feel desired like an insatiable need for pleasure coming from you. The bottom line is you should always concentrate on making her feel desired and beautiful and just about everything else will fall into place.

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