Understanding The Mind Of A Mature Woman

Quick disclaimer: It's impossible for me to tell you what every mature woman is thinking because no two women think exactly alike. However, there are certain broad themes I'm going to touch on in this article that you can generally apply to any beautiful mature babe you're looking to bed. With that, let's talk about understanding the mind of a mature woman.

To make a relationship with a cougar easier it's important that you understand why she's interested in a younger man. First and foremost a younger man makes an older woman feel more desirable. Society at large doesn't blink an eye when an older man dates a much younger woman but when you flip that equation the judgments come hard and fast. People think it's weird, gross, outrageous, etc. For that reason it's seen as far more difficult for an older woman to bag a younger man, particularly if he's attractive. Thus, it makes perfect sense that if a sexy cougar can land a hot young guy that she would feel far more desirable, beautiful, hot, and in turn more confident. That's a list of feelings every woman wants to experience, thus the drive for a small percentage of women to seek out younger men. If you understand that's what a woman desires then you can make sure to play that up in your interactions with her. If you're on a mature sex dating site then send a message telling her how beautiful she is, etc. When you meet her make sure to emphasize how attractive she is (don't be gross about it; keep it simple and smooth).

Younger men tend to be more adventurous and physically able than older guys and mature women want to capitalize on that. Of course a lot of that will happen in the bedroom where you can show your stamina and your impressive ability to get fully erect and keep it that way, but it's more than that. Even if you're on a cougar dating site and the women are just looking for sex you might find that you end up doing more than slipping between the sheets. You might go on a few dates to build chemistry and when you do make sure it's more than a walk in the park or a stop at a coffee shop. Do something fun and exciting and make sure you're spontaneous. A mature woman is sleeping with and dating you because she wants a little adventure in her life. Don't be afraid to take a risk.

Older women want to date and fuck younger guys because they're more flexible, free, fun, and happy. They want to be able to breeze in and out of the relationship without you heaping guilt on them or demanding it move to a more serious place. The best thing you can do is go with the flow and encourage your cougar date to ask for what she craves and be prepared to receive it and love it.

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