Why Mature Women Are Better In Bed

There's a theory (one backed by tons of data, in fact) that says you need 10,000 hours of practice to be a genuine expert at something. It holds true for every occupation and is particularly true of those where a level of skill is required, like with sex. This 10,000 hour rule is why mature women are better in bed and why you should make every effort to get between the legs of an older lady and have the time of your life sleeping with her. There's no denying that the more you do something the better you are it and mature gals have tons of experience.

This is a particularly relevant rule when it comes to the ladies that sign up for mature sex dating sites looking for guys to screw. These are sexually active, sexually voracious women that want to get laid and with great frequency so you know they have the experience you crave. Some are married women looking to branch out after years of sleeping with just one man and some have been cheating their whole lives and love it. Others are proud single beauties that love pure sexual relationships with younger men and will explore the many wonders of erotic coupling with you. If you want a truly mind blowing time you should focus your efforts on women that make it clear they want to be with younger men to show them just how great an older gal can be in the bedroom. Those are the chicks that want to teach you and go to great lengths to make the sex truly mind blowing, which is what we're all looking for.

Experience in bed is a huge part of why mature women are so fantastic to sleep with but it's not the only reason. If you concentrate on married women you'll stumble into the benefits of being with a beauty that is not getting what she wants from her man and will go the extra mile with you as a way of punishing her hubby without him even knowing about it. She'll do things with you that she's never done with him because she's pissed off that he's spent so many years coming up short in the sexual department. That means new positions, perhaps anal sex, crazy hot blowjobs, public sex, etc. If this is your first time going after mature women I recommend you search for the gals with rings on their fingers and reap the amazing, breathtaking benefits of being the guy that finally shows her sexual attention and releases all her erotic energy.

For some mature women ñ this doesn't include cougars on the hunt ñ there's a sense of gratefulness that a younger man wants to sleep with them. Society generally tells them that age is gross and they're no longer as valued as when they were young so the attentions of a young man are a unique and special experience. If you find a babe like that prepare for a great time as she expresses her gratefulness through wild sexual behavior (note: those women are pretty rare so don't expect it from every mature sweetheart you sleep with).

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