Why Mature Woman Have Higher Sex Drives

While there's very little hard scientific data to show that women reach a sexual peak at a certain age (with peak meaning a particular hormone combination in the body that makes them want and enjoy sex more) but there's a great deal of data that shows that mature women have more sex and often enjoy it quite a bit more than when they were younger. There are a number of theories as to why this is the case and we're going to talk about a few.

The first theory, in basic terms, says that women enjoy sex more and want it more as they grow more comfortable with it and their bodies. It's hard to prove that's the case other than to ask women about it and use their feelings on the matter as fact but it makes sense. For a man sex is pretty straightforward. You put the penis in the vagina and you thrust until the stimulation of the nerves at the tip of the penis causes an ejaculation. From the first time you get off to the last this feels pretty much the same. A woman's wiring, for lack of a better word, is much different.

The pleasure nerves are concentrated in the clitoris and typically stimulation of that is what makes a woman orgasm but it's not always that easy. Men are driven by testosterone and a need to spread their seed. Women have far more estrogen in their systems and sex is far more emotional so orgasms can be blocked by all sorts of other stuff. Childhood abuse, a bad fight with a boyfriend, shame from a religious upbringing, etc, can all cause the clitoris to go dark, essentially. It often takes time to untangle all of that, which would explain why mature women have a higher sex drive than their younger counterparts.

A University of Texas psychologist has another theory on the matter. He conducted a study of 827 women about their sexuality and sexual desires and the data collected backed up his theory that evolution created the higher sex drives in older women. The idea is that long ago when life expectancies were much shorter and young men and women died from all sorts of illnesses, wars, and various other causes the mothers of the world learned they needed to have as many children as possible to pass their genes on and build their families.

This created a drive to continue producing children for as long as possible. The theory says that because it's considerably harder to have children the older a woman gets that she would then need to have more sex as she got older, thus the higher sex drive. In short, evolution hard-wired a need for more sex to ensure the continued production of children at an older age. While that evolutionary need is no longer present mature women still have the high sex drive because once it's been placed there's no reason for it to go away. It's certainly an interesting theory!

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