Why Older Women Seek Young Men

The number of mature women seeking out relationships with young men is at an all time high (although it pales in comparison to older men with young women) and growing thanks in large part to a greater acceptance of such relationships. The numbers will likely continue to go up in future years as women gain greater equality and society at large drops its silly preconceived notions about women with younger men. It's the perfect time to get in on this and experience mature sex on a grand scale. It can't hurt to know why mature women seek young men so let's talk about it.

The most common type of mature babe seeking a younger man is one fresh off a divorce. She's been hurt by her husband, perhaps because he cheated with a younger woman or just got tired of being with the same woman after so many years, and she wants to build her confidence. Hooking up with a younger man is the perfect way to do that. A lot of it is psychological. If the cougar can nab a young guy who presumably has lots of choices among beautiful young women she feels good about herself because she beat out all those other ladies for his affections. That right there can be enough to put her on cloud nine, at least for a while.

The sex is all part of that and it's easily the biggest reason mature women seek young men. They're not doing it for the companionship, particularly since that part of the relationship rarely works well since people with large age gaps tend to have very little in common. Instead the relationship involves lots of really hot mature sex for you and young sex for her. She feels vibrant and confident and youthful again and you're responsible for that.

Mature women going after young guys are rarely looking for something serious. Instead they want to have fun and young guys tend to be the only way to just cut loose and get wild without hooking up with someone totally damaged (a guy in his 40s or 50s that's totally unattached and just looking for fun is a good bet to have emotional issues that aren't worth dealing with).

It's often tied in to the divorce and bounce back phenomenon but mature women going after fresh men are also often looking for more control over the relationship. They want to make the decisions and chart the course of things. They don't want to be caught off guard when you dump them for a newer version like their husbands did. Let them have that control and benefit with the incredible sex you get to have.

More than anything the mature women younger men relationships are about sex, so keep that in mind. The sex means a lot of things ñ it's about making her feel good about herself just as much as it is about having great orgasms ñ but it's still about a physical connection and getting off most of the time. That's a beautiful thing though

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