Head To Cougar Hunting Grounds

Now that you've gotten in shape (or you were in great shape to begin with) you need to move to the next step in the plan to have great mature sex with horny cougars on the hunt for young dick. It's time to find the popular cougar hunting grounds in your area. It's probably easiest to go online and sign up for a dating site geared towards mature women or one with an enormous number of members so you're certain to find lots of older ladies in the mood for a fling. This can include sites geared towards married women since they tend to make the most adventurous and incredible sexual partners.

First you should sign up for the free memberships to a number of sites so you can look through the search results in your area to see if there are possible sex dates that you're into. If it's just a bunch of mature fatties and you're looking for a fit and hot cougar you'll have to move on. Once you find a site that looks like a great cougar hunting ground be sure to put some effort into crafting a great profile that includes a picture. You don't have to go over the top and post a picture of your sweaty hard abs after a workout but you should put something up that makes it clear you're in good shape. Once the profile is good to go all you need to do is send out lots of messages to hot looking cougars and wait for the responses to come rolling in.

The online route tends to be simpler because you never have to leave the house to find a date but that's not always a good thing. It's helpful to work on your game in cougar hang outs. The better you are at striking up a conversation and feeling out whether or not the hot older lady is eager to have some fun the more likely you are to get laid quick. That's why you should put on your finest duds and head out to the local cougar watering holes and have some fun.

A hot cougar is unlikely to walk into a college bar since the guys will drool over her, the girls will send her visual daggers, and any come ons will be sloppy and foolish. Instead she's much more likely to go to a classy joint like a wine bar, a more adult drinking establishment, etc. If you're serious about spending time in bed with a sexy cougar you need to head to those places and work your game.

As being a cougar gains greater societal acceptance events are popping up built entirely around older women sleeping with younger men. They're wild pickup parties where everyone throws down a few drinks, dances, makes out, and eventually pairs off. When they're held in a hotel it's best since you can run to the room and fuck like rabbits. You generally need to be genuinely hot to attend those gatherings but it's totally worth it if you can get in.

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