Don't Get Too Involved

The very nature of a cougar is that she's not looking for a relationship but is instead on the hunt for deeply satisfying sex with a younger man. She wants your stamina, your rock hard erection, and your overwhelming desire for the pleasures an older woman offers. What she doesn't want is your problems, a long term relationship where she has to care for you, etc. It's about the sex and because of that you have to prevent yourself from getting too involved because it's the surest way to end the relationship with your cougar hottie. You could easily screw up the most arousing and fantastic sexual experience of your life if you become and annoying and clingy hanger on.

Guys always think they have the ability to remain above getting emotionally involved with a woman they're sleeping with but that's not always the case. They can get swept up in it in the same way a woman can. Once you've involved in a sexual relationship with a cougar you need to keep your wits about you and stop any deep romantic feelings from developing because they can't really go anywhere. You're not going to marry someone 20 years older than you, are you? You're certainly not joining a mature sex site in search of a wife so nip it in the bud before it gets that far. Here are some tips to do so.

If she's okay with it you should try not to stay the night after you've slept with a beautiful mature woman. That's something people in relationships do. If she insists that you stay then you should probably go along for the ride since not doing so will likely end the relationship (some women feel dirty if you screw and go so you'll have to keep that in mind). If you stay the night don't ask her to breakfast the next morning. Wake up, have some coffee, give her a kiss and head out with plans for doing it all over again.

Keep contact outside of your sexual liaisons to a minimum. There's no reason to call her five times a week when you're meeting every Saturday for incredible sex unless you want an intimate relationship and she's probably not interested in that. Texting to tell her how hot you think she is would be smart since that will keep her thinking about you in a sexual way all week. Stay away from the clingy bonding stuff though. Again, she's most likely not interested in a real relationship and just wants the sex so keep that in mind.

If you can manage it try sleeping with multiple women at the same time. I know that might sound a little gross but the truth is if the cougar is truly interested in a sexual thing then she won't mind as long as you're being safe. She might be doing the same thing, in fact. If you're playing the field there's almost no chance you'll get too involved with one of them.

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