Look Damn Good

When you call a mature woman or milf a cougar you're talking about something very specific. A cougar is a woman that aggressively hunts for younger men and generally has higher standards because she's brimming with confidence and knows that she offers an incredible sexual experience for anyone lucky enough to get between her legs. A cougar is looking for great sex and rarely for a long term relationship that's based on anything other than fucking. That's why if you're going to be a cougar you need to look good and that's why it's the first step in this process.

A hot, sexually aggressive mature woman can have sex with a chubby, unkempt guy anytime she wants. If she's on the hunt as a cougar then she's looking for a higher quality man. I know some of you are probably disappointed and ready to throw in the towel on the hunt for great sex with an older woman but that's not necessary because almost anyone can look damn good, as the article title says you need to be.

Obviously it helps if you're a good looking man but even the sexiest cougars out there recognize that men like that aren't always available and can often be rubbish lovers because they're too focused on their own desires. Also, this doesn't get talked about a lot, but the body almost always trumps the face when it comes to sex. At a bar your face is the first thing she'll see but an experienced woman knows that in the bedroom having a rock hard body on top of her is far more arousing than a man with a handsome face since his face might be buried in a pillow or mere inches away from hers so she won't even notice what he looks like.

What I'm really saying is that you need to get in shape, particularly if you have your sights set on the hottest, sexiest cougars out there and you want to have the best mature sex possible. The great thing is that everyone can get in great shape no matter what your body looks like. If you're scrawny you can work out until you've bulked up, hardened those arms and abs, and turned into a hottie. If you're fat or chubby you can exercise to burn the fat and lift to harden the muscles underneath so you look great naked.

The first and ultimately most important step in bedding a beautiful cougar is to look good naked. If you have a great body and you know even a little bit about dressing yourself she'll be able to tell that you're going to look hot before you get your clothes off. You might be awfully judgy about sleeping only with pretty girls but a smart and experienced cougar knows that your body is going to turn her on more and pick her men that way. So, get your ass to the gym and work hard to look good and you will significantly increase your chances of having amazing mature sex.

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