Polish Your Intellect

There are rare mature women that are simply looking for sex and nothing more and they generally won't mind if your dumb as a post or only want to talk about the latest episode of Jersey Shore because you've barely had to think about paying a bill in your life, let alone being a parent or building a career. If you can find a woman like that you should jump at the chance. However, as I said those women are rare and most likely you're going to need a little more going on in that noggin of yours to truly impress a cougar and spend time between the sheets with her.

I don't mean that you need to be a genius to bag a cougar, however. Just like the first step in the process this is something anyone can achieve if you put a little work into it (you didn't think you were just going to roll out of bed and start banging cougars, did you?). Think of this as a homework assignment that will get you access to the cougar pussy that your schlong craves more than anything in the world.

Women of all ages are attracted to confidence and expertise. If you're already an expert on almost any subject then make a point of talking about it. The only exceptions would be something super nerdy ñ if you're an expert on Star Trek it's unlikely you're going to meet a hot cougar that shares your passion ñ that will turn her off since nerdy guys are generally not seen as good lovers. If you're not passionate about something then change that and find a subject that interests you more than any other and dedicate yourself to researching it, living it, and loving it.

You'll also need to be at least semi familiar with current events. You don't want to get into a political debate but you should know about what's going on in the world and be able to hold a semi-coherent conversation and offer opinions. Ultimately it's not terribly important that you be super smart. The point is that you need to seem at least a little smart so the cougar doesn't feel like she's just using for sex even if that's the truth. I know that sounds a little weird but that's how people work.

Most women are taught from an early age that enjoying sex for the sake of sex makes them slutty and that's a major negative. That leads to mental gymnastics to get around that feeling, which is where you seeming smart and well-read comes in. The cougar can justify sleeping with you a lot easier if it seems like you're a mature version of your age. Again, this sort of stuff doesn't matter for some women but you significantly increase your chances of cougar sex success if you're well-read and sound at least a little intelligent so there's no reason not to do it.

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