Treat Her Like A Queen

In general a cougar on the hunt has lots of guys to choose from. It's not like she's a lonely mature woman that can't find a guy to fuck her no matter how hard she tries. She's on the hunt and there are tons of guys that love her aggression, her beauty, her body, and everything she offers and will do anything they can to be the one chosen to satisfy her needs in every way. That means you need to treat a cougar like a queen in every way possible. Be sure that her needs are met in the bedroom even if it means putting yours aside for a little bit (don't worry, she wants you to get off just as much as she wants to get off so it's not like you're going to leave without getting exactly what you desire). If you take her out for dinner or an excursion be sure to act like a total gentleman and be sure to at least offer to pay so she knows you value her company and want her to feel like a cherished lady.

Treating her like a queen starts before you've convinced her to go on a date or bedded her. From the moment you make your first move on a beautiful mature woman she needs to know that you both desire her with great fervor. A cougar on the hunt is interested in a sexual relationship and she wants to know that your hunger is just as great as hers, if not more so. When you make your approach you should immediately flatter her with a specific compliment. Tell her that you love her eyes or that her shoes are sexy, etc. Open different than most guys that are going to tell her that she's really sexy or beautiful. She knows that and she wants to know that you're really drinking her in and not just casting your line all over the lounge for any woman that will grab the bait.

Once you've struck up a conversation be intently interested in what she's saying and ask questions to prove that you're listening. Share stories with her and don't be afraid to indulge in a little casual touching to show your clear interest. Every little thing you can think of to show your desire without being overbearing or creepy is something you should do.

When it comes time for the horizontal mambo be sure to focus on her, kissing her body all over and giving her as much foreplay as she needs to get to that place of crazy arousal where the only thing she can think about is having you inside her. Make sure the sex is passionate and fantastic. When it's over be sure to cuddle if she wants and tell her how amazing, beautiful, and sexy she is. This advice applies to any woman you're trying to bed but when cougar hunting it's particularly necessary since most of the women in this category recognize they're the ones in control since there are far more men interested in sexy cougars than there are cougars looking to sleep with younger men.

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