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Mature Lovers Club is brought to you by XXX Match, one of the largest adult dating networks in the world. It's a professional site run by folks that know what they're doing when it comes to facilitating casual sex of all kinds, including mature sex. Visit the site and you'll see they've clearly built it around the idea of mature on mature loving, even going so far as to make everyone look 50+. Don't let that fool you though. This is a site for anyone into mature dating, including cougars and married women that want to fool around. Inside it's a breeze to find a slew of hotties to turn you on.


The member's area of Mature Lovers Club is fairly well done with easy links to the relevant areas, online mature women in your area listed, and a quick list of your matches based on your profile you can access with just a click. Speaking of profiles, the strongest part of this site is the volume of information they ask for from their members. Not everyone fills it out but even that works in your favor since in general if a mature beauty neglects to answer the questions she's probably not committed to actually meeting a guy for a hookup so you can often skip those women (quick note: if you sign up for the free membership the only profiles you'll be able to view are the fake ones the site generates to lure people to pay. That's insidious shit but the real profiles do have genuine information that's really helpful so it's worth paying if you're serious about casual mature sex).

Most of the mature women include pictures and if you don't do the same you can forget about landing any dates because it won't happen (you can also safely skip over any girl that doesn't put up a picture; it either means she's totally hideous or not serious about making dates). Information you'll find in a profile (or can add to your own) includes favorite positions, penis size preference, fantasies, number of sexual partners, typical dating profile stuff,

sexual confidence, and more. It's useful when it comes to making a quick decision about your potential desire for a date with someone. For instance, if your favorite position with a cougar is doggy style and she says in her profile that she hates it then you might want to move on to another gal.

I love that Mature Lovers Club offers such a wide range of ways to get in contact with a possible mature sex date. Some sites only offer the chance to email, which can be annoying when you put together a thoughtful message only to find out the girl doesn't even exist or has no interest in responding. Here you can send a ìflirt,î which is a simple little graphic that basically tells the woman you're interested and would like to know if she's interested too. You can also send a friend request, an instant message, or an email if you're ready for longer chats. You can also add a personal note on a page, if for instance you want to remember that you've already messaged someone and gotten no response. The notes are entirely private and just for you.

The response rate at Mature Lovers Club has been good, which is a good sign that the site is marketed well and makes it perfectly clear that if you sign up you should be in the mood for mature sex, not pointless flirtation or utter unresponsiveness. The variety of girls is everything you'd expect from such a large site (there are millions upon millions of members) so it's easy to find exactly what you're interested in as a member. That includes a healthy collection of married women if you want a truly emotion free sexual experience.

Mature Lovers Club is a good fit for anyone in the mood for casual sex with mature women and cougars. The profiles offer tons of information, the contact system is terrific, and the quality of women is top notch. They have younger ladies you can contact as well so you can expand if you've had enough mature pussy. If not then keep coming back for the older ladies and all the hot times they provide.

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